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IN Cold & Hot Pack and heat treatment
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Cold & Hot Pack  are offered  in three sizes: small, medium, large and glasses model. These bags contain a type of  gel that is used for long-term cold and heat storage in treatments that do not need to warm or cool the limb.
In the cold  treatment  mode, by placing the bag in the freezer, the temperature  reaches below zero, and  in this case, while  maintaining its elasticity, it maintains the cold  for several  hours and can be used to reduce  bruises, fever and ….

To use the heat therapy mode, place the bag in boiling water or in a microwave oven, and after warming up, keep the heat for a few hours, in cases such as reducing muscle cramps or reducing muscle pain, and so on Used.

In the type of glasses with the ability to place glasses gel on the eyes and nose, the cold / heat property is used to relieve eye fatigue or after nose surgery, etc.
Burning storm bags have a cover to reduce the cold or initial heat and a stretch to fix it on the stand.

This product has a manufacturing license from the General Office of Medical Supplies and Equipment.